Tuscson Tree Removal Services

Tree Trimming

It takes skill, knowledge, experience and foresight when it comes to tree trimming, especially here in Tucson. our trained tree experts are ready to help take all of the guess work out of trimming your trees (We know the difference between a Mexican Palo Verde and an Argentinian Mesquite). Simple tree trimming, when done young enough, can result in a mature, healthy adult tree able to grow along side your home virtually problem free. Failure to trim can cause a need for removal or major renovation. It has been our experience that those who tend their trees regularly have fewer problems during storms and monsoons. Call us today for an estimate!

Tree Cutting

WILDCAT Tree Service is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire tree cutting team is committed to meeting your tree service needs. Tree cutting involves many areas of the tree, sometimes a simple prune will do, however, renovation or a deep trim may be necessary. No matter what your need we are your tree cutting company in Tucson.

Tree & Stump Removal

Quite often people think removing the whole stump with a backhoe is an option. This is not a recommended practice and is not used by any of the top tree services in Tucson. More often than not, the roots run deep and travel under houses, walls and can go up to 100 feet under ground. This can cause big problems with water, gas, and sewer lines. It is always recommended that you use an experienced tree removal service like WILDCAT Tree Service in Tucson. Our experience allows us to provide proper tools for tree stump removal.

Palm Tree Removal

Though beautiful and rugged, unfortunately our palm trees often die in Tucson due to the fluctuations in extreme temperatures. This year we have already seen a rash of dead palms due to the severe cold snap we experienced. WILDCAT Tree Service is here to help. Let us come out and remove the dead palm tree for you in the safest manner possible at an affordable price, giving you peace of mind as well as a little money left over for replacing it with a new one.

Tree Pruning

WILDCAT Tree Service is based on the belief that our customers’ and their trees’ needs are of the utmost important. Our entire team is committed to Evaluating when a tree pruning or tree trimming service is needed – a service often overlooked by other tree service companies in Tucson. We promise to attempt to do what is best for you and your trees.

Tree Care

Tree and Plant Care in Tucson is one of WILDCAT Tree Service’s favorite tree service, as it offers a chance to showcase our love for our field of work and to put on display just magnificent and wondrous the Arizona desert can be when properly maintained. We welcome the opportunity to provide our tree care service for you. Contact us today for an estimate.

Commercial Tree Service

For years WILDCAT Tree Service has been chosen as the premier Commercial Tree Service company in Tucson. We are devoted to providing first class Tree Services for the many and diverse commercial properties here in Tucson. We approach every job with the level of detail and perfection that you would expect from a leader of Commercial Tree Services for the Tucson are. Our expertise and experience have made us an affordable option for tree trimming, tree removal, stumps and more! We welcome the chance to help you improve the look and aesthetic of your Commercial Property. Contact us today for an estimate

Emergency Tree Service

WILDCAT Tree Service offers Emergency Tree Service in Tucson such as tree removal from Storm Damage. We have a team ready with a truck always on call for whatever emergency tree service you run into. Our company policy of customer satisfaction help ensure that you will receive the Quality Emergency Tree Service. Call our expert tree experts to receive an estimate and prompt, efficient, emergency Tucson tree care service.

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